Disabled Teaching in a Disabled World

Register by January 9th, 2024 by email to plusdimensions@kh-berlin.de.
Workshop for khb teachers in German.

Through small creative and collaborative work, we want to dream together of a disabled world where disabled teaching is standard. 
What do we mean by this? 
Disabled teaching means an understanding of people independent of, among other things, productivity and rigid hierarchies. It means learning unbiased as to the result in a relaxed learning atmosphere. We will explore together what circumstances, large and small, can be supportive and helpful to achieve this. Creative material of your own taste is welcome and can be used. Also – if possible – snacks and drinks, warm feet and good light – which in our opinion are already good beginnings for a relaxed learning atmosphere.

Ginnie Bekoe writes (bookable!) essays, does poetry, workshops, talks, and a lot of thinking about the interweavings of Blackness, Disability, Fatness & Queerness. Ginnie Bekoe's favorite things include ice cream, watermelon-Durstlöscher, and baby elephants in variable order. 
Right now, Ginnie Bekoe is focussing on disability, lived solidarity, joy at the end of the world, and radicality as empowerment.

Christiane Hutson is a Black Hetera of Color, with an on/off relationship to illness. Her personal and working interest is contextualizing experiences of disability and illness from BIPoC perspectives. She uses postcolonial theory and disability justice to do this. To unwind, Christiane practices short story writing, plays "Teasing Hedgehogs," or goes out to eat.








Workshop in the context of +dimensions dialogues: Reviewing our Teaching Practice


Ginnie Bekoe, Christiane Hutson


Lara Chahal & Henrike Uthe (organization of the workshop serie)