Christine Reeh-Peters 

The Lecture by Christine Reeh-Peters on Peertube.

Christine Reeh-Peters concludes the +dimensions dialogues lecture series, “Blurred Territories: Art / Design / Research” in the summer semester of 2022. With this series, the +dimensions team, together with guests, approached the questions of how artistic, design, performative, and scientific research are interwoven. At what point is research artistic or shape giving, or whether art and design are not always also a form of research?

Christine Reeh-Peters is a filmmaker and a doctor of philosophy of art. Her philosophical thinking is influenced by the movements of new realism and speculative materialism, among others. Reeh-Peters studied art history and media arts in Karlsruhe, followed by montage and film directing at the Lisbon Film School, and philosophy of art and aesthetics at the University of Lisbon. She has published mainly in English and Portuguese on film and philosophy, organized international conferences, and edited anthologies. She is the author of the monograph “Being and Film” (2021). As co-founder of the film production company C.R.I.M., she is producer and director of numerous films. In doing so, she experiments at the intersection of reality and fiction. Since fall 2016, she has worked as an academic assistant at the HfG Karlsruhe in the field of media art/film, and since the winter semester 2019/20, she has been an assistant professor for the theory and practice of artistic research in digital media at the Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf. There she is also on the board of the Institute for Artistic Research (IKF). Her current research project “Film as Artificial Intelligence (AI),” of which the current international project “Fabulation for Future” is a part, is anchored in both film philosophical theory and the practice of artistic research in film.






The lecture as part of the lecture series +dimensions dialogues


Juana Awad (concept and organization), Paulina Grebenstein (concept and organization), Lara Roßwag (concept, organization, moderation and video editing), Henrike Uthe (organization and design)

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