Cookies & Screens

+dimensions like to invite you to Cookies & Screens: a space for all university members (students, teachers, workshop employees, …) to talk about current projects taking place in the field of technology in art & design (e.g. AI/XR/Robotics/…) at the university. At the meetings every second Monday from 5–6 pm, everyone can bring their own project and present it briefly, then we talk about it. Projects can be anything: current design projects of students, news from the workshops, courses, exhibition announcements, etc. But the projects should be in the intersection of technology/art/design. The form of presentation (keynote, objects brought along, etc.) is also up to you.

The Stammtisch is addressed to everyone: all university members, all disciplines and beginners as well as experts. +dimensions want to create a platform to make projects and topics at the university visible and especially a place to exchange ideas and network outside the regular university activities about this constantly changing field.

If you want to present your project, it is best to send a message in advance with a short description of what you want to present at It is also possible to present something spontaneously.






weißensee kunsthochschule berlin, cinema room/painting

Running time

Monday, 8.5., 22.5., 5.6., 19.6., 3.7., 5–6 pm

Time Period

SoSe 2023


Meet up in the context of the event series +dimensions dialogues


Volodymyr Bevza, Elaine Bonavia und Julian Netzer (concept, organization and moderation)