­Unconcious Bias

Register by April 30th, 2024 by email to plusdimensions@kh-berlin.de.
Workshop for khb teachers in German.

This semester we want to follow up on the last workshop with Angelo Camufingo. But all new participants are also welcome.

Feminist and postcolonial studies in particular have highlighted how universalist ideas are anchored in specific experiences. In this context, decolonial critiques have examined, among other things, the canon of aesthetics. They reveal how our senses are locally, positionally, and historically conditioned. Thus, not only are aesthetic experiences subjective, but aesthetic categories are historically and culturally biased. This makes universalist notions of what is good or bad art untenable. What does this mean for the practice of teaching art and design? And what happens when we have to judge students' work in admissions or final projects? How can we become more aware of our unconscious biases so that we don't judge students' work according to our own tastes? 

Angelo Camufingo (he/him) is a freelance anti-racism and education consultant, certified diversity, equity, inclusion, social justice trainer, consultant and process supervisor. He is also a profect lead of KomPAD (competence network anti-Black racism)at Each One Teach One (EOTO) e.V. In addition, he is currently publishing and researching on different connections between racism, emotions, colonial continuities, education and socio-emotional learning.








Workshop in the context of +dimensions dialogues: Reviewing our Teaching Practice


Angelo Camufingo


Lara Chahal & Henrike Uthe (organization of the workshop serie)