Impact of the Use of 3D Technology on the Work of Fashion Designers

Research project by Madeleine Madej, design process in the 3D software Clo3D by Master student Clara Sander

For some time now, fashion designers have had access to digital 3D technology as a design and presentation tool, the use of which has experienced an enormous upswing due to the pandemic. The available 3D programmes offer the possibility of simulating a digitised cut on an avatar in three-dimensional virtual space as a garment.

The complexity of 3D programmes requires fashion designers to work precisely when designing and visualising. This raises questions about the relationship between time and creative processes: How does working with 3D programmes affect the design process? To what extent is the possibility that all sides of an outfit can always be viewed, thought about and designed on the avatar used? How does this relate to classic design methods such as two-dimensional drawings? To what extent is working in 3D more sustainable than analogue prototype production based on technical drawings? How does the visual language of the designs change through the use of 3D technologies?

In summary, Madej's research examines the positive and negative aspects of 3D programmes for fashion designers, as well as the influences of this technology on the design of clothing.

Three research environments are envisaged for the project:

  1. practising fashion designers in companies
  2. students of fashion design in projects at the university
  3. self-study: development of an own design project

The use of 3D technology will be investigated in relation to:

  1. the design process
  2. visualisation and presentation purposes

 The following criteria will be examined:

  • aesthetics / design
  • technology / sustainability
  • sociological / gender- and diversity-critical examination


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