Diversity Sensitive Teaching

Since the beginning of 2022, Lara Chahal has accompanied the +dimensions team as a critical diversity trainer. The first joint workshops began with the question of how we wanted to work together as a team and how this could be transferred to other teaching contexts. Lara Chahal introduced the team to relevant discourses and figures related to diversity-critical teaching. In addition, she provides one-on-one support to +dimensions contributors on their research projects and sheds light on diversity-sensitive processes and power-critical perspectives.

Lara Chahal studied International Development (BA) and Applied Theatre (MA) in Vienna and London and completed further training in Contemporary Dance in Berlin. She helped establish and manage various community culture and self-organized venues as a cultural manager and facilitator, and is currently working in event planning for OYOUN, Berlin. Lara has previously managed at the post-migrant Community Theater X in Berlin-Moabit, helped set up the transcultural encounter centre Thespis in Bautzen, and worked as a coordinator for the Actors for Human Rights. She was part of the organisation team for the participatory youth festival Willkommen Anderswo 2019 and 2020 in Bautzen and took over the financial management for the international community culture festival FESTIWALLA 2020 in Berlin and online. She forms part of various networks in the context of art and encounters, connecting contemporary formats for outreach and mediation, especially also with urgently needed strategies for internal transformation processes and inreach in cultural and educational institutions. In this context, she advises and accompanies institutions and projects in the implementation of diversity-sensitive processes on a freelance basis. She combines the examination of structures that enable practices of solidarity in the context of an artistic production logic with experiences from many years of self-organized community and network work and the knowledge of specific needs that arise in this interaction.

The picture shows a sitting and a kneeling person. Both are looking into a laptop standing on the floor.
Impressions from a workshop with Lara Chahal and participants in June 2022 on the grounds of the kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz in Berlin – here Lara Chahal and Henrike Uthe © Lara Roßwag
The picture shows two people sitting next to each other. Both have a notebook and a pen in their hands.
Elaine Bonavia and Juana Awad © Lara Roßwag
The photo shows a seated person focusing slightly off-camera. The person supports the head with the help of the hand.
Julian Netzer © Lara Roßwag
The photo shows two people from the side, sitting next to each other. Both are looking in the same direction.
Volo Bevza and Elaine Bonavia © Lara Roßwag
Volo Bevza and Elaine Bonavia © Lara Roßwag

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Lara Chahal & Henrike Uthe