Cinematic theater, theatrical cinema

Digital technologies are increasingly influencing the otherwise analog-based theater. Video works in particular are already widespread in the performative arts in a wide variety of forms, and extend far beyond mere projections on flat surfaces. There are individual directorial teams exploring the finer degrees between analog space and live created film material, and the connection between the two. On the other hand, in cinematography, classical methods from the performing arts, such as minimalist theatrical decoration and stylized imagery, are used in parts.

Based on an immersive VR work created during Lara Roßwag's studies, Roßwag focusses on precisely this junction between the cinematic and the theatrical. Her research explores the interplay among performative theater, spectator, and (360-degree) film. 

What forms does the analog theatrical space allow, and what influence does theater have on what is often a true-to-life film image? How can these elements blur and lead to new ways of representation?


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Lara Roßwag


Lara Roßwag