Reviewing our Teaching Practice

Teachers are invited to attend the workshops.

How do I teach and why? For whom do I design a course, for whom not? What does discrimination-sensitive practice mean? Can I integrate it into my teaching?
In the current winter semester, the event series +dimensions dialogues will continue in a workshop format. The workshop series invites teachers from all departments at weißensee school of art and design berlin to explore the invisible norms in the teaching context, and to reflect on their own position and practice in the face of inclusion and exclusion. Three workshops serve as an introduction to the thematic complexes in order to actively act against one's own myopia. For the necessary openness in aesthetic practice is not automatically transferred to teaching practice. The goal is to examine normalizations and apparent neutralities, to question our roles and attitudes, and to expand scopes of action for discrimination-sensitive practices in our own teaching.

Time Period

WiSe 2022/2023


Workshop series in the context of the event series +dimensions dialogues




Juana Awad, Lara Chahal and Henrike Uthe (organization), Jule Bönkost and Angelo Camufingo (workshoplead)

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