Volo Bevza, Untitled (Dark Day), UV-Print and oil on canvas, 2022

The focus of this research project is to investigate the role of digital media and digital tools in contemporary visual language. Bevza investigates, which new perspectives in painting and exhibition practice are made possible by new digital media. He explores the ways in which new digital possibilities and virtual spaces are changing our understanding of space and exhibition practice. Innovations and technologies such as NFTs, photogrammetry, 3D rendering, AI generators, and augmented reality come into particular focus. Bevza leads discussions and workshops on the topic of softimage at the painting department of the weißensee school of art and design, allowing for deeper and more wide-ranging research.

The term Softimage1  connects together two ideas about the synthetic image: the idea of the image as software and the idea of a soft image: a flexible, adaptable or adaptable image (which, as a result, is also a multiform, multiplatform image.) The term appears in Hoelzl and Marie's book "Softimage" and is central to the research. Using this term, Bevza explores the role of software, of data-based image-producing programs and techniques in the context of visual art, and especially in painting.

  1. 1

    See Hoelzl, Ingrid/Marie, Rémi: Softimage and Hardimage: The Status of the Image in Digital Culture, in: Fotomuseum, 2016, (accessed on 27.6.2022).



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Volo Bevza


Volo Bevza