Visions in Design. Strategies for Development and Communication. (Working title)

The scope of action of designers today no longer comprises only the formal design of artifacts and services with the aim of pure commercialization. Instead, a sense of responsibility for the impact of design on our environment and society is increasingly leading designers to recognize the practice as an inherently research-based and future-shaping discipline. Through new directions and philosophies, such as “future thinking“ or “design for the planet“ methodologies, design takes on current social discourses and develops visions for desirable futures. 

Within this framework, this research project focuses on strategies and possibilities of vision development and communication in the context of design: How can designers position themselves in order to actively participate in public discourse with their visions? What potential do current technologies offer for the communication of design research and its outcomes? Can these create new spaces for thinking? Which methodologies can be used or further elaborated in order to develop future scenarios? 


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Paulina Grebenstein


Paulina Grebenstein