WINT Design Lab: Felix Rasehorn & Robin Hoske

The lecture by Felix Rasehorn and Robin Hoske on Peertube.

Felix Rasehorn and Robin Hoske from the WINT Design Lab were the second guests within “Blurred Territories: Art / Design / Research,” the lecture series +dimensions dialogues in the summer semester 2022.. As part of the series, the presenters l addressed the questions of how artistic, design, performative and scientific research are entangled? At what point is research artistic or shape-giving? And if art and design are not ultimately always a form of research?

WINT is a Berlin based Design Lab dedicated to exploring ecological and technological responsibilities for shaping desirable futures. Robin Hoske (M.A) is a creative researcher and designer in the field of softgoods, wearable electronics, and circular design strategies. He is also a research fellow at the environmental engineering department of Fraunhofer Institut IZM, Berlin. Felix Rasehorn (M.A) is a creative researcher and design practitioner exploring the potentials of collaboration between natural sciences, medicine, and design. He is a research assistant at the multi-disciplinary Cluster of Excellence, HU Berlin (Matters of Activity) and a practice-based Ph.D. candidate at the TU Berlin.

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Lecture as part of the lecture series +dimensions dialogues


hybrid, on-site at the weißensee school of art and design berlin, Aula


Juana Awad (concept and organization), Paulina Grebenstein (concept, organization and moderation), Lara Roßwag (concept, organization and video editing), Henrike Uthe (organization and design)