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Since February 2023, Robin Rutenberg has been leading the XR-Technologies Lab, which was launched at the request of +dimensions. The goal of the XR-Technologies Workshop is to assist students and faculty across disciplines with projects in the emerging field of XR (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality). The workshop will have multiple high-powered computer stations, VR headsets, tablets, and more available to students, with the aim of developing a rental system which will further support their research and exhibitions.

XR is a continuously evolving medium with expansive potential. One objective of the workshop is to better equip students with an understanding of XR and the ways in which it can support and complement their careers as designers and artists, ultimately giving them an additional tool in their artistic toolkit to creatively address contemporary challenges in their fields. 

The artistic background of Robin Rutenberg is in media and sound art, with an emphasis on trans*feminist world-building through storytelling & performance, experiential sound, experimental composition, digital arts, and poetry. Robin works across mediums, from interactive extended reality (VR & AR), to film, to sound installations. In 2022, Robin completed a masters degree in Sound Studies and Sonic Arts at Universität der Künste Berlin. 


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Robin Rutenberg

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