Conflict Mediation from an intersectional Perspective

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Workshop for khb teachers in German.

In this workshop, we are looking at conflict and power, and on how it translates into how we are able to either: Have a fair process when in conflict, and or function as the mediator in a conflict. In the first workshop in December, we looked at how conflict and power complement each other. How do I deal with a conflict in which power dynamics are a large part of the problem? In the second workshop in the summer semester 2024, we will explore the question of how we protect ourselves and reflect on our own position in the conflict.

The workshops build on each other. The second date in the summer semester 2024 will be announced. All participants of the first workshop will be informed about the second date.

Loom has developed methods that combine tools from conflict- mediation and work with antidiscrimination with an intersectional focus in order to create a space where the complexities of conflict can be spoken of. Valerie Karima Djurhuus is a discrimination-critical trainer, mediator, and the lead at Loom. She founded the Resolve Network: Network for Racism Critical Mediation and Supervision. Loom is an association founded by multiply affected persons. Loom offers workshops and trainings on anti-racism, intersectionality and empowerment for queer and BIPoC – as well as power critical mediation and supervision.






Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz, Berlin


Workshop in the context of +dimensions dialogues: Reviewing our Teaching Practice


Valerie Karima ­Djurhuus


Lara Chahal & Henrike Uthe (organization of the workshop serie)