Cookies & Screens

The image shows a darkened room. On the front side, there is a projected image. It shows an abstract surface that resembles stones or mountains. People are sitting at the edge of the room, looking at the projection.
The Meetup was held for the first time in the summer semester of 2023.
The image shows a darkened room. An image is projected on the front side. It is a three-dimensional yellow organic shape. Behind the projection are spectators.
During the meetings, various works were presented.
During the meetings, various works were presented.

In the summer semester of 2023, the Meetup “Cookies & Screens” took place every two weeks as part of +dimensions dialogues. Students, workshop staff, professors, artistic researchers, and lecturers from all departments of the art school came together to talk about current projects in the field of technology in art & design.

Various topics were covered during the meetings: The new XR Technology Lab of weißensee school of art and design was presented. Student projects from Painting, Sculpture, and Visual Communication, among others, as well as interdisciplinary seminar results, were presented. Based on this, there were discussions about artificial intelligence in the arts and in design. Digital design tools of the respective disciplines were discussed – among others various photogrammetry software.

The Meetup is addressed to beginners as well as experts. With this, +dimensions wants to create a platform to make projects and topics visible at the art school and, in particular, to create a place to exchange ideas and network about this constantly changing field outside regular school activities.

Time Period

SoSe 2023


Meetup in the context of the event series +dimensions dialogues


weißensee school of art and design berlin


Volo Bevza, Elaine Bonavia and Julian Netzer

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