Decolonial Archive Lab

This project is a collaboration between a small group of BIPOC + (made)migrant students and the theory and history department. It is a student-led research-creation initiative in which those involved work with notions of knowledge generation and dissemination within decolonial theory and practices.

During the summer semester 2023, we approached authors including Gloria Anzaldúa, Franz Fanon, Saidiya Hartman, Ngũgĩ wa Thiongʼo amongst others, during the theory sessions.
With the Speaker Series, we delved into archiving practices with external invitees including inputs by Akumassa (Indonesia) or Archivo Memoria Trans (Argentina.) 
In the practice sessions, the group self-organized to develop the first issue of the publication GARUK GARUK.

During the winter semester 2023/24 the group rearranges itself to continue with the publication while the theory sessions focus on writing practices.

The cover of the first issue of “Garuk Garuk”.


As a student initiative, the participants conceptualized and realized the publication. A “flipped classroom” methodology guided the theory work, bringing the students to also assume a major responsibility for their learning. The syllabus and reader were developed in cooperation between students and lead so as to include a bibliography suggested by the students.

Working timeline summer semester 2023:
May: Laying the ground;
June: Research intensive (creation low tide);
July: Creation intensive (research low tide). Publication and exhibition of the first issue July 25th 2023; September: Evaluation.

Working timeline winter semester 2023/24:
October–December: writing intensive;
January–March: editorial work. Publication date tbc.

Readings and Sources


Theory and History

Time Period

SoSe 2023, WiSe 2023/2024


Theory and Practice Seminar


Mart-Stam-Room, khb


Juana Awad


Raras Umaratih


Aram Alsaed, Phila Weber, Youde Monga, Maya Zaheer, Raras Umaratih, Yunhwa Lim, Dhan Fabbri, Mano Leyrado, Luan Caja, Sofia Mariaca Ewel, Melissa Kurt


Otty Widasari & Akumassa, Raras Umaratih, Sujatro Ghosh, María Belén Correa & Archivo Memoria Trans, Mano Leyrado, Lara Chahal, Ezekiel Hyon, Marie Lempelius, Anita N

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