Anti-­Ableist Practices

During pandemic times digital infrastructure enabled forms of coming together independently of location. Restrictions of movement were relaxed so that students and teachers could continue teaching to some extent. It is easy to confound these possibilities with a complete pluralization of the classroom, however, these platforms carry their own excusion mechanisms. What barriers are there for differently abled persons, and how do we go about creating inclusive hybrid and digital classrooms? How can teaching and learning spaces be designed to enable self-determined work for disabled students and teachers? The workshop provides insights into possible formats and practices that constitute an anti-ableist stance.

The workshop takes place in the context of the +dimensions dialogues series under the title Reviewing our Teaching Practice in the winter semester 2022/2023 and is organized by +dimensions. +dimension invites teachers from all departments at weißensee school of art and design berlin








Workshop in the context of +dimensions dialogues: Reviewing our Teaching Practice


tba (workshoplead), Juana Awad, Lara Chahal und Henrike Uthe (organization of the workshop serie)

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