Farewell, Fantastic Earth? – Design of virtual 3D environments, avatars and fashion

The image shows an avatar. This one is in a room with windows. Everything is very abstract. The avatar wears white clothes with isolated patterns.
Avatar & Clothing Design: Kilian Landwehr; 3D Environment Design: Vreni Knoedler, Yewon Seo.
The image shows an avatar wearing dark green tight clothing with a lapuze. The sleeves seem to be puffed up. The avatar walks in a foggy landscape, in which a forest can be guessed. Light falls through the forest from behind.
Avatar & Clothing Design: Emilia Seitz, Laurin Schuler; 3D Environment Design: Anna Wolf, Bastian Schwenteck.
The picture shows a landscape in which various things seem to float. An avatar, a house, a giant mushroom, plant sculptures in the most divergent colors can be seen. The avatar wears tight red, purple, yellow clothes.
Avatar & Clothing Design: Ben van Heyden; 3D Environment Design: Alizée Gavory, Oscar Allen, Owen Chiou, Yana Navakouskaya.
The image shows a standing avatar in robed green clothes in an abstract landscape. Everything is in a bright green-yellowish hue. The landscape consists of mountains and bubbles.
Avatar & Clothing Design: Jasper Reinsch; 3D Environment Design: Kira Bürmann, Laura Lizama.
The picture shows a running avatar with white and red tight clothes. There are fluffy clothes on the feet and arms. The avatar moves in an abstract futuristic landscape.
Avatar & Clothing Design: Nastascha Domino, Justus Borschke, Cissel Dubbick; 3D Environment Design: David Stach, Mascha Wansart.
The picture shows a running avatar in a forest. The avatar is wearing blue clothes. The belly is free. There is a hood, which is nevertheless not worn.
Avatar & Clothing Design: Elya Dmitri Babenko.
Avatar & Clothing Design: Elya Dmitri Babenko.

New Space – Since the early 2000s, space travel has been increasingly privatized and commercialized. At the center of this are multi-billionaires like Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, and Elon Musk. Space X advertises their planned colonies on Mars with the slogan “Making life multi-planetary.”1 An exit strategy for the super-rich to avoid problems like the climate crisis or overly powerful governments on Earth?2 Farewell, Fantastic Earth!

In art, there also seems to be a new wave of space fascination, artists like Tom Sachs, or this year‘s Milan Triennale titled “Unknown Unknowns” deal with extraterrestrial utopias and dystopias. Farewell, Fantastic Earth?

In the project “Farewell, Fantastic Earth?”, a cooperation project between the departments of fashion design and visual communication, students develop extraterrestrial utopias and dystopias that reflect this New Space Age. With the help of Unity3D and Clo3D, students from the departments of fashion design and visual communication design virtual 3D environments, avatars, and fashion in small teams and present them animated in short films. The project is led by the two +dimensions members Madeleine Madej and Julian Netzer.

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    www.spacex.com/human-spaceflight/, accessed on 1.3.2023
  2. 2

    Valentine, David: Exit Strategy: Profit, Cosmology, and the Future of Humans in Space


Fashion Design and Visual Communication

Time Period

WiSe 2022/2023


Cooperative Teaching Project


weißensee school of art and design berlin


Madeleine Madej and Julian Netzer


Kilian Landwehr, Jasper Reinsch, Oscar Allen, Alizée Gavory, Vreni Knoedler, Yewon Seo, Affiba Karkani, Kira Bürmann, Mia Hall, Justus Borschke, Yana Navakouskaya, Owen Chiou, Medina Gajdarovna Babenko, Bastian Schwenteck, Laura Lizama, Mascha Wansart, Anna Wolf, Natascha Domino, Laurin Schuler, Cissel Dubbick, David Stach, Ben van Heyden, Emilia Seitz

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