Time Sign(ing)

The results of the design project.

The design project in the bachelor's and master's degree program in fashion design took place as part of the project “Zeitzeich(n)en, engl. Time Sign(ing): The education of fashion designers at weißensee school of art and design berlin and their influence on the style of the fashion institute of the GDR of the late 1970s/80s”, which is funded by the “digiS program 2022” of the state of Berlin and carried out in collaboration with the Stadtmuseum Berlin.

The focus of the design project is the examination of fashion drawings that were created in the 1980s at the KHB in the fashion department and are now partly digitized and made accessible by the Stadtmuseum as part of the aforementioned digiS project. These served as a starting point for current designs, collages, and new drawings or for the development of silhouettes, detailed solutions, and surface designs. With this in mind, the students experimented with a 3D software, learning how to transfer the fashion drawings into three-dimensional virtual space.


Fashion Design

Time Period

SoSe 2023


Semester Project


weißensee school of art and design berlin


Yasmin Herrera, Alice Kister, Lea Maria Scheere, Renee Klaßen, Ben van Heyden, Jasper Reinsch, Laurin Schuler, Alissa Marlen Epple, Tess Jolie Schleifer, Mariia Shumilina, Arthur Werner


Madeleine Madej (lecturer for visualisation and design on the avatar in virtual space), Prof. Clara Leskovar (lecturer for fashion design), Prof. Doreen Schulz (lecturer for fashion design), Lucia Mors de Castro (lecturer for pattern design), Prof. Dr. Antonella Giannone (lecturer for fashion theory), Tiffany Chaves (Video Editing)

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